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(inner city):

a live-stream of consciousness

The below video is a proof of concept for an installation that is linked to an anonymous survey that asks participants to simply become aware of what they are thinking or feeling in any given moment, and report their findings. The anonymous responses are entered into a database that then generates what I am calling a "live-stream of consciousness" experience. The hope is to turn this into a physical exhibit that can also be accessed and interacted with digitally via Web & Web3 platforms.

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Outside of therapy, which is not available to everyone, there are few public resources that offer a space for people to express their unfiltered thoughts and feelings, without fear of being judged, ridiculed or shamed. We take to social media to promote the desirable aspects of ourselves, but this can sometimes create a breeding ground for narcissism and inspire more alienation and loneliness than genuine connection. The compulsive maintenance of our digital “avatars”  helps fortify the divide between what psychologists call our “presenting” and our “perceived” selves. 

What if there was a social media space whose purpose was to promote catharsis, self-knowledge, and healing through the expression of our less visible, offline selves?

With endless distraction and stimulation always a click away, it's never been easier to blunt unproductive or confusing thoughts and emotions. But maybe in becoming conscious of and disclosing these thoughts and feelings in a safe, anonymous environment, there is a deeply nourishing catharsis to be experienced. We might find that we are far less alone in our minds than we might have believed. 

Inner City is powered by the mindful reflections of people around the world using this “exhibit” as a means of genuinely and honestly expressing what they are thinking and how they are feeling in a given moment, no matter how seemingly mundane, uninteresting, strange, or scary. This is an attempt to explore how technology can actually be used to make us feel less alone, with the ultimate purpose being to encourage insights into the nature of our minds, and create a feeling of connection among strangers from across the globe.


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